The Law Firm was established in 1980 by Giovanni Maria Piras, after a Master of Laws at the New York University Law School and an extensive professional practice in business and corporate law as advisor of italian and multinational corporations in all corporate and commercial areas and as attorney-at-law in Court, domestic and international Arbitration litigations.

All lawyers of the Firm practice litigation firmly persuaded that the best legal advice in a specific area is given by a professional who is expert litigator in such area.

The Law Firm is providing professional services to corporations in corporate and finance operations, in business deals, cross-border transactions and joint-ventures, acquisitions and sale of assets. Firm’s litigation and arbitration cases are quite a few in all areas of business and international commerce and in corporate cases including arbitration and litigation of shareholds agreements and actions for damages, gross negligence, mismanagement and liability of directors and statutory auditors.

The areas of consolidated professional practice include intellectual property, patents and trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition, advertising, italian and EU antitrust.

Mr. Piras is advisor since the incorporation of a major Factor and he has 30 years of litigation experience with pilot cases for Factors in civil and bankruptcy cases and in international factoring.

In the course of the years the protection of creditors, corporations and shareholders, once limited to civil cases, has been expanded to corporate crimes, bankruptcy crimes, criminal cases for fraudulent bankruptcy and litigation for damaged parties in criminal proceedings for bankruptcy crimes of directors of bankrupt companies or of industrial groups in extraordinary administration proceedings.

Since the 90’s the Law Firm is representing in Court investors, stock & bondholders in civil, bankruptcy and criminal proceedings against dealers and bankrupt brokers.

The Firm is advising banks and private clients in banks contracts & guarantees, real estate and mortgage foreclosure.

Professional services to private clients include real estate transactions, time-sharing, wills, costitution of family patrimony, trusts, trust agreements and new instruments of patrimonial destination for family and other purposes, marriage, separation and divorce of italian citizens with foreign citizens.